Apple Brings Concrete & Sustainability Together

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Another innovation is transpiring in the world of concrete, but not in the technology and software aspect. Apple Inc. has begun another project, unconventional from their standard technology devices from smartphones and computers to general software. As opposed to their current philosophy downsizing products to have all the technology fit in the palm of your hand, this structure will be larger than the pentagon upon completion. The billion dollar corporation is constructing a concrete and glass ring in Silicone Valley region of San Francisco California.

This structure is Apple Inc’s latest initiative towards sustainability and aiding environmental efforts and awareness. It still remains unclear exactly what is happening insight, however, Lisa Jackson, the corporation’s Vice President of Environment Initiatives says they intend on sharing progress in steps that is meaningful as opposed to having every single detail observed and analyzed. The building will use solar panels in attempt to generate energy and power an entire campus. Inside the ring will be filled with trails and paths to take contained nature and parks.

The project has received some criticism from the wonderment of whether or not this space will be accessible to the public. There has also been some scrutiny in terms of calling the building an environmental project claiming “there’s more to sustainability than solar panels”. On the other hand, thus far it seems to be a great initiative raising awareness by a corporation that is examined closely on their impact to society. It’s also great to see concrete being tied with sustainability and going green. At Giatec, we encourage more efforts such as these because sometimes spreading awareness is the most challenging aspect in changing mindsets of consumers.

Source : Amy Standen, NPR

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