Special Mentions of the ACI Convention

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Kansas City Marriott Convention Centre, the location of Fountains of Concrete Knowledge

After a very successful time spent at the Fountains of Concrete Knowledge ACI convention in Kansas City, there are many companies and organizations to be thanked and praised for their work and dedication to the concrete industry. One organization in particular stood out among the crowd, the Concrete Promotional Group (CPR). The award is meant for non-ACI members who have still made notable contributions to the industry, which CPR has done a remarkable job with. The organization has been supporting the local construction community for many years, providing reference material, education to students and support in sales/marketing initiatives. The organization has actively volunteered its time to educate the industry and ACI members to practice the best methods in constructing high rise buildings, bridges of importance, infamous monuments etc. The group was well deserving of the award and will hopefully continue helping the concrete community for years to come.

There was also a lot of success seen among the student community in attendance at the ACI convention this year. The annual Fiber-Reinforced Polymer Composites Competition saw fierce competition for the first, second and third podium prizes in both Structure Type Categories. The winning teams were from Universidad Central del Ecuador in the Structure Type 1 category, and Universidad de Cuenca in the Structure Type 2 category. Teams were challenged to design, construct, and test a concrete structure reinforced with fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) bars to achieve the optimal load-to-cost ratio.The ACI is dedicated to promoting advancement in the industry at every opportunity, and it can only be assumed that the organization would be thrilled at the level of participation and innovation shown by all the participating students.

Our own team was quite successful as well, getting a lot of attention for our recently released Giatec SmartBox™, as well as all of our well-known devices. The American Concrete Institute did a fantastic job of marketing the event and staying active on social media. We would like to mention the creative theme of “we’re not in Kansas anymore” for their mixer. Giatec enjoyed the convention and we will be back next year for more fun, networking, demonstrations and learning.

Source: ACI Homepage

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