Using SmartRock® Plus to Defend your Concrete

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You’re not alone. It’s not only in your market that testing labs produce bad results and you have to pay to defend your concrete. This is a big, broad problem across North America and around the world.

So, if testing labs are so bad, and the problem is so ubiquitous, what can you, the ready mix producer, do to prove that your concrete is good?

Imagine the simplicity of embedding a small 2” by 2” black box into a concrete placement that will measure the strength of your concrete? This could be in a slab, wall, column, or pavement. Instead of placing concrete in cylinders (ASTM C39) and hoping they are cured correctly, this little box will estimate in-place concrete strength by another standardized test method, ASTM C 1074, and report back the results through an easy to use cell phone app.

Instead of getting maybe two strength results maybe after 7 and 28 days, you’ll be able to see your concrete strength in real-time, in half-hour increments for 28 days. Instead of waiting on a testing lab to maybe share the results of your concrete’s strength, you’ll see the strength of your concrete on demand on your schedule. Instead of finding out there is a problem on the jobsite a month later, you’ll know immediately.

If you are spending resources, time, and money to defend your concrete against bad testing, look into a better way that other producers are using to proactively measure concrete performance in a way that gives you control: SmartRock® Plus

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